Types of aquarium glue

انواع چسب آکواریوم

Aquarium adhesives are divided into two categories based on their chemical structure, which we will review in this article and explain to consumers.

The first category of acidic or acetic aquarium adhesives (Acetoxy Ac):

Acetic acid is used in making this type of acetic or acidic aquarium adhesives, so as a result, when used and dried, it releases acetic acid and has a vinegar-like smell, and it is mostly used in sealing building glass and tiling. to be

Note: Acidic aquarium adhesives are not used everywhere due to their corrosiveness.

The second category of neutral or natural aquarium adhesives (Neutral Cure):

In this type of silicone adhesive, alcohol is used as a solvent. When it dries, it emits alcohol or non-acidic substances, which are used on some stones and metals.

But aquarium adhesives are not classified only in this way. But they also categorize in another way, high model and low model.

High model aquarium glue (Higl Mudulas)

This type of aquarium adhesive has little flexibility and is very hard in appearance.

Low model aquarium glue(Low Mudulas)

This glue has high flexibility and has more surface tension, but lower side tension.


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