Types of aquariums in terms of color and application

Types of aquarium glue

Today, we are going to examine the types of aquarium adhesives in terms of color and application and tell you their uses so that you know how to use them better.

Colorless aquarium glue:

One of the types of aquarium glue is colorless aquarium glue and has a colorless and transparent appearance. Colorless aquarium glue is used for surfaces such as glass and mirrors. In places where they want the glue to be invisible and not clear, they use colorless aquarium glue.

Colorless aquarium glue

Black aquarium glue:

Black aquarium glue is a type of aquarium glue that has a black appearance. Black aquarium glue is often used in the automotive industry and for connecting car windows. Sometimes black aquarium glue is known as car glass glue.

Black aquarium glue


White aquarium glue:

As its name suggests, this type of glue has a white appearance. White aquarium glue is mostly used in construction works.

White aquarium glue

Red aquarium glue:

One of the strongest and most resistant aquarium adhesives is the red aquarium adhesive. Red aquarium glue is mostly used in industry. Due to its thermal and electrical insulation properties, this type of glue has many uses in industries where rapid and significant chemical reactions are carried out.

Red aquarium glue

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