What is the popularity of aquarium glue?

محبوبیت چسب آکواریوم

Aquarium fish tanks have attracted the attention of people and industrialists for six reasons, which we will discuss below:

1. High resistance of aquarium glue against temperature and temperature changes

One of the important features of this glue is its high resistance to temperature changes, which can be used from minus seventy-five to two hundred degrees Celsius, but it is better to use it from five degrees to forty degrees Celsius.

2. Elastic mode of aquarium glue

The texture of these types of adhesives has a gel state that gives these types of adhesives elasticity and is sold in gun and pressure tubes to make them easier to use.

3. The resistance of the aquarium glue against humidity and water penetration

The main use of this glue in the industry is due to its resistance to water penetration, and that is why this glue is also used to make silicone.

4. Thermal insulation of aquarium glue

Aquarium adhesives also show good resistance to heat transfer and the reason for this resistance is the presence of silicon and oxygen in the ingredients of this adhesive.

5. Chemical neutrality of glue

Due to the presence of a large amount of silicone in the structure of the aquarium glue and because silicone is considered chemically neutral (that is, it does not react with other materials), this glue is also chemically neutral.

6. The glue is electrically non-conductive

Due to the presence of silicon in this adhesive, it makes it electrically non-conductive and does not allow molecular breakdown, therefore this adhesive is used in designing industrial processes and manufacturing industrial devices.

And as a result of these factors, the popularity of aquarium glue or silicone glue and the attention of craftsmen to aquarium glue.


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