Advantages and applications of iron glue

چسب آهن
Iron glue is used in many places because of its good and many advantages. Today, in this article, we will first examine the advantages of iron glue and then discuss its uses.

Advantages of iron glue

1. High adhesive strength in all industrial and household cases, which can be said to be the main reason for using this glue.
2. This glue has the least reaction with metals and objects and is anti-oxidation
3. Increasing and strengthening adhesion in connections
4. Suitable for use in open and large environments
5. Resistant to high temperature and heat, which is another reason for using this glue in the industry
6. Quick and easy use at work
7. Suitable for delicate and artistic works
8. Resistant to oily substances and ozone

Uses of iron glue

Now that we are familiar with the advantages of iron glue, it is better to mention its use in homes and industry
1: Using iron glue for shoes
2: Using iron glue for leather
3: Use in electronics industry instead of solder
4: Sticking plastic and fabric cover and decorative covers
Of course, iron glue has many uses and we are not able to tell them all
چسب آهن

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