Advantages of epoxy glue

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Advantages of epoxy glue

The following are the advantages of epoxy adhesives compared to other silicone adhesives and polyurethane adhesives:
Low shrinkage after drying
No gas release during drying
Compatibility with a wide range of materials
Good adhesion to many materials
Chemical resistance and corrosion resistance
High resistance to erosion
Suitable insulation for electrical cables
Capable of drilling, turning, sanding and grinding
Absorption of shock and vibration at the place of application
Prevention of corrosion in the place of use between dissimilar metals
They often work faster than mechanical fasteners
Cheaper than mechanical methods
Another important and good advantage of epoxy resins is that no toxic substances are added or produced in the process of making it, and it creates more security to work with it.

Disadvantages of epoxy adhesives

Among the disadvantages of using epoxy adhesives, we can mention the following:
There is a need to prepare the surface more than applying glue, because the lack of preparation and cleanliness of the surfaces can have a great impact on the final adhesion quality of epoxy adhesives. Of course, note that this also applies to other adhesives such as polyurethane adhesive, MS polymer adhesive and silicone adhesives.
Epoxy adhesives are known for their fast drying time, but some grades of epoxy adhesive may require more drying time than other codes.
Usually, epoxy adhesives do not have high thermal resistance, and if the temperature of the surface or environment is exceeded, the efficiency and adhesion strength of the adhesive will be severely affected.
The useful life of epoxy adhesives completely depends on the place of storage and storage conditions. If the storage conditions are suitable, epoxy adhesives usually last for several years (at least 2.5 years).
In some cases, there is a need for training to use epoxy adhesives. As mentioned, epoxy adhesives are used in places of great importance due to their unique characteristics, so there is a need to provide necessary training to the operators who use epoxy adhesive.

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