stone glue

چسب سنگ

What is stone glue?

Stone glue is one of the two component glues. which is based on epoxy resins, they are widely used in construction work. Even though today, all kinds of adhesives are used as essential materials in construction from the beginning to the end of the work. But one of the necessary and widely used tools in this matter is stone glue. which is used from gluing large and small irons to making facades and working with stone and granite, ceramic pieces and prefabricated stones and cement. The two-part adhesive dries in seconds and makes the joints as hard as possible. Also, their resistance and stability against polyester adhesives will be much higher. Pioneer glue, the importer of double-sided adhesives, as a supplier of German double-sided adhesives and liquid acrylic adhesives, daily introduces you to useful information about industrial adhesives.

Epoxy glue resistance

This mortar is used for gluing cheap stones. They have a high resistance to any type of weather. And like a solvent such as oil and gas, oils will maintain their resistance. And they do not suffer from corrosion. The endurance of stone glue is compatible with the environment at temperatures above -60 degrees and even below zero. When buying this product, it is better to buy a product that has a well-known brand. To determine its high quality in the work. And the other thing is to ask the seller about the type of consumption and the method of use so that he can explain the method of use to you.

Application of stone glue

  • Bonding steel to concrete
  • Connecting ceramic tiles
  • Connecting two concrete pieces
  • Filling the open pores and apertures of the parts
  • Can be attached to fiberglass surfaces
The high strength of the glue made it not lose its quality against any kind of factors. One of its characteristics is that it does not change in volume. The capabilities of this glue caused which are used in different industries of the product, another one of these capabilities is their grinding and sanding. that the extra part can be separated from the surface and if desired, they can be combined with the desired color before use.

How to use stone glue

In order to have the quality of sticking, first of all, the desired place must be free of any kind of pollution, such as sand, dust, grease and previous paints, etc., clean them from their consumption and gloves should be used in all work steps, then stone glue. Mix 1% of their second component, which is called hardener, to complete the usage method. Another feature of this glue is the product’s unique quality against destructive factors, none of the instabilities and weather and environmental changes. It cannot reduce the quality of the glue. The second component of the glue is hardener or hardener, which is known as benzoyl peroxide. By combining a very small amount that we mentioned at the beginning, the glue is hardened and can be used.


چسب سنگ


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