Different types of glue

انواع چسب

The use of glue by humans has been seen since the Stone Age and also cave dwelling. Gradually, man realized the existence of natural adhesive materials. The Romans used a type of adhesive called turpentine in the shipbuilding industry. Little by little, other materials such as wax and honey were used as glue.

Vegetable glue:

Starch, dextrin, sarshim, dextrin, gum arabic, which are used in gluing stamps, envelopes, paper, cardboard, wood.

چسب گیاهی

Animal glue:

It is a type of gelatin that is prepared from animal body parts and has a strong adhesive power


چسب حیوانی


animal sirism:

It is prepared from animal bones, skin and milk. And it is used in carpentry, cardboard making, matchmaking, sandpaper preparation.


It is a kind of glue that is obtained from a kind of insect called Redhead

Mineral glue:

Alkaline phosphates and silicates used in gluing ceramic, quartz and glass objects.

Synthetic glue:

1- Elastomers:
including synthetic rubber adhesives and are used in shipbuilding and aircraft industries.
2- Thermoplasts:
They include polyacrylic and cyanoacrylates, which are known as “instant glue”.
3- Epoxy glue:
It is obtained from the condensation of diphenylpropane and epichlorhydrin. It is known as twin glue. In general, two-component adhesives belong to the family of thermoset or heat-dry resins, which harden faster with more heat. More information is available on the Eboxy dedicated page.
4- Adhesive tape:
It is made of cloth, paper, taluk, or polyvinyl chloride (p.v.c) plastic. 5-Silicone and polyurethane glue: or silicone paste has an adhesive agent in addition to filling the seams. From this type of glue, we can also refer to polyurethane paste, which is mostly used in the automobile industry for gluing the body and the front and rear glass.

Putty glue:

Putties are soft and sticky pastes that dry slowly in the air and are used to fill cracks and pores and include types of glass, blue, glycerin and lead oxide, concrete powder.

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