Thermal adhesive applications

چسب حرارتی
Hot glue is mostly used for making crafts and works of art, but it is not limited to these works. This glue has strong adhesion and in cases where strong adhesion is needed, you can use thermal glue. The uses of this glue are listed below.
The first case
You can use hot glue for decorative and artistic works. Flower making, ribbon embroidery and handicrafts are among the works of art that can be used with this glue.
second item
This glue is also used in furniture workshops. In these workshops, they use thermal glue to glue the fittings or to glue the rhombus.
The third case
If you work with cardboard and different papers, we suggest using thermal glue. This glue with high adhesive strength can stick cardboard and paper together so that they are difficult to separate.
The fourth case
You can use this glue to insulate and seal windows and seams.
The fifth item
As we said, this glue has a good and suitable adhesive power, and for this reason, you can use this glue to glue plastic pieces together.
Item six
If you are working with fabric, you can use hot glue. You can easily attach gems, pearls, beads, etc. to the fabric through hot glue. In addition to its strong adhesion, this glue is not dirty and you can easily clean the surfaces that became sticky.
The seventh item
If you want to stick something like paper, photo, light board, etc. to the wall, use hot glue. It is enough to put a little glue on the back of the device and fasten it to the wall before it dries. Hold the tool with your hand until the glue dries.
The eighth item
Sometimes carpets, rugs or rugs slide and cause them to slip or gather. In order to get rid of this situation, you can put a little glue on the back of the desired rug or carpet and put it on the ceramic and press it with your hand until it dries. After drying, you will see that the carpet does not slide on the ceramic.
The mentioned items are only a part of the uses of this glue. What do you use this glue for?


چسب حرارتی


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