Types of iron glue

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Types of metal adhesives, which are mostly known as iron adhesives. It is used to glue different types of materials together. But since it is most used for gluing metals, it is known as iron glue. Maybe the first way that comes to our mind after breaking metal items is to replace or weld that part, but this is not the only way, but you can use iron glue instead of welding and fix many broken metal items with iron glue easily and at a very low cost. Repaired at home.
Types of iron glue are generally divided into three categories: epoxy, polyurethane and superglue (drop glue).
Epoxy glue
Epoxy glue is incredibly strong and resistant to chemical reactions; For this reason, it was first used in the shipbuilding industry. Epoxy is a type of waterproof iron glue that is sold in two types of transparent and double epoxy. It is a relatively difficult task to stick non-porous and uniform surfaces. To repair small fractures, drop glue can be used, but for larger fractures, high-quality clear epoxy is more suitable.
Polyurethane glue
One of the types of very strong iron glue that should be present in all workshops and homes is polyurethane glue. This adhesive forms a strong bond with most materials such as metals, stone, fiberglass and rubber. The adhesive strength of this glue is very high, it is activated by moisture and quickly dries, waterproofs and swells. The solvent of this glue is acetone and it can be used to remove excess glue to some extent.
superglue glue
Drop glue or super glue has a very high variety and is suitable for gluing glass, stone, plastic and some metal parts. This glue is colorless and does not leave any color on the work after use.
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