What is adhesive tape?

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adhesive tape is one of many types of pressure-sensitive coated adhesives that can be used in different ways. These adhesives are obtained by coating special adhesive materials on strips of plastic, paper, film, metal foils and fabric. These adhesives are used without the need of heat and with a little pressure on the desired area.

What are the ingredients of wide adhesive (glass adhesive tape)?

Wide glue consists of two important parts of cellophane film (plastic part) and liquid glue and resin.
And this part is wrapped around the paper bobbin

What does the quality of crystal adhesive tape depend on?

The quality of the produced adhesive tape depends on several factors.
And these factors are ultimately directly related to the quality and cost of the adhesive tape produced.
Adhesive tape plastic film can be produced in various thicknesses.
Also, the adhesive liquid can have different compositions and thicknesses.
In this way, by changing the above factors, many different types of adhesive tapes are produced
which is used in various industries (from color printing and stationery to construction, automobile, electricity and packaging industries).

Two important factors in the quality of wide adhesive tape are:

1- The quality and thickness of the cellophane used in this type of adhesive tape
The higher the quality and thickness of the cellophane used, the higher the quality of the adhesive tape.
2 Quality and type of resin and thickness of adhesive used in adhesive tape
The type of glue used and its quality, as well as the thickness of the glue used, are directly related to the quality and adhesive strength of the adhesive tape.

چسب نواری

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