Important points when using glue one two three

نکات مهم هنگام استفاده از چسب یک دو سه
One, two or three points of glue that you should know when using are listed below in order, and it is better to know these things before using.
  • Point one
The maximum time required to dry the surfaces connected with glue is 15 seconds. And it does not need to be pressed much.
  • The second point
One two three instant glue has a spray that speeds up the drying process and has more strength.
  • The third point
The gas emitted from the spray is slightly toxic. And this issue is due to the presence of some chemicals in it. Therefore, it is better to avoid breathing it
  • The fourth point
Try to use this glue in places with good ventilation.
  • The fifth point
Avoid smoking while using this product.
  • Point six
Do not keep this glue model at a temperature above 50 degrees and exposed to sunlight.
  • The seventh point
Do not pierce the glue or its container even after it is finished and do not throw it into the fire because it may cause a fire.
  • The eighth point
As much as possible, avoid contact of glue with skin and eyes. (Use glasses and gloves)
  • Ninth point
If the glue comes into contact with the skin, be sure to use the mentioned methods and do not act on your own.
  • Tenth point
If the glue comes into contact with your eyes, wash them with plenty of water and see a doctor immediately.
  • Point eleven
The glue is sensitive to heat. As a result, it can be dried earlier with a little heat.
  • The twelfth point
The drying process of this glue is a heat reaction. Therefore, it is normal for your skin to heat up due to contact with it and there is nothing to worry about.


Glue tips one two three

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