What is wood glue?

چسب سیلیکون آکواریوم روی چوب
Wood glue is one of the glues used in the wood industry. The structure of wood glue is made of organic and polymer compounds, which makes the cells of this glue flexible. This molecular flexibility adds many special properties to wood glue. These adhesives do not have a specific smell and are considered almost odorless, and their solubility is high with plastic paint and general solvents such as water. The polymer properties of wood glue have a pasty appearance. and gives it high viscosity.

Gluing wood pieces

It is very good to use this type of glue for connecting wooden structures or filling wood cracks. It is also very suitable for underlaying paint and mosaic work. Their base is homopolymer resins and their range is between pale gray and white. The physical connection between wood glue and wood is established by this material and its function is that the polyvinyl acetate material penetrates into the seams and cracks of the wood. And its adhesive force and viscosity fill these pores. After the glue dries, a transparent and strong elastic texture is created, which is the adhesive factor.

Application of wood glue

This glue has many uses, but the most important of them is in the furniture industry for gluing furniture and wood pieces together, in wood-related arts such as mosaic work, as well as for gluing plaster pieces together and in building plastering. Artificial wood such as plywood, MDF sheets can also be glued together with this material. But for materials like Unolite, it has corrosive properties and causes its destruction.

Application of wood glue in industries

Wood industry, furniture and office supplies
flower making
Suitable for gluing soft and hard wood, formica, fiber, plywood and wood veneers
Factories producing wooden tables and chairs and wood industries

Disadvantages of wood glue

Not using wood glue to stick wood to metal
Long drying time
Lack of color acceptability
Causing corrosiveness when used on Unolith


Glue stick

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