Application of aquarium glue

کاربرد چسب آکواریوم
Acidic silicone glue or aquarium glue is a powerful glue that is resistant to moisture and heat. which is also known as sealant. This glue is used in all weather conditions and in most industries. If we want to name the uses of aquarium silicone glue, it includes the following.

Repairs and maintenance of the house

The first place where aquarium glue is used. It is used in home repairs and construction. For example, you can seal the sink, seal ceramic tiles, and insulate windows to prevent heat loss.

Application of aquarium glue

Various industries

Aquarium glue is used in most industries to seal devices. But we will name some examples for you to get familiar with them. It is used in the insulation of industrial devices, air sealing of structures, waterproofing of curtain walls, waterproofing of spiders and gluing of flushink, decoration industries, furniture making and in the construction of industrial and domestic swimming pools.

Application of aquarium glue


Side effects

Aquarium silicone adhesives are used to insulate electronic components and circuits that should not be exposed to air or moisture, to glue car glass, to glue double-glazed windows, to prevent friction between surfaces and any type of sealing.

Application of aquarium glue


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