How to increase the use of aquarium glue?

کاربرد چسب آکواریوم
To use all types of aquarium adhesives, it is necessary to observe some important points so that the adhesive adheres well to the desired surface and does not separate from it.

The first case

The desired surface (be it the sink, ceramic seam, window seam, etc.) must be cleaned of any kind of dust, traces of grease or traces of old glue. For this, we can use a mild alcohol detergent.

Item two

Avoid pouring a large amount of glue on the seams and cracks. To do this, we must first fill the seams with a small amount of glue. Then, if the seams were not completely filled, fill it again with a second layer of glue. In the last step, we use a spatula to smooth and even the glue surface.

The third case

It takes at least 6 to 8 hours and maximum 24 hours for the glue to dry completely. The adhesives produced by each company have a specific drying time, which is usually included on the back of the product packaging.

The fourth case

Do not expose to moisture or heat until the adhesive is completely dry. Because it does not dry, it loses its quality, it cracks and the sealing is not done properly.
Failure to do any of these may cause problems in your workflow. And you have to do it again. And this causes you to lose your time, which is not good at work, and you are considered a negative point for your work.

Application of aquarium glue


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