Types of epoxy glue

Today, in this article, we are going to examine the types of epoxy glue and discuss them

Metal epoxy glue

As the name suggests. Metal epoxy glue is used only for purposes related to metal objects. This type of metal glue is two components. And it is used by combining two components. Metal epoxy glue is used for bonding metals such as: copper, iron, aluminum, zinc, titanium, steel and brass. And it is used to repair holes and leaks in all kinds of metal products and to fill metal edges.
One of the main features of this epoxy glue that has attracted everyone’s attention. It takes a short time (5 minutes) for this product to reach full adhesion. Which in itself is a huge development in the adhesive industry. One of the other features of this product is that it is resistant to all kinds of solvents and natural factors such as moisture, water and air without reducing the volume when the adhesion is complete.
Steps to use metal epoxy glue:
Before using this glue, you must first clean the desired surfaces from any dirt and pollution. Then, mix the two components of the glue together and inject it into the desired place. After injecting the glue, do not do any operation on it for 20 minutes and keep it without any movement. For 24 hours, do not apply any anti-rust materials or paint or even water to the glue due to the peak adhesion time.

Fiberglass epoxy glue

Epoxy fiberglass glue, which consists of two components, epoxy and hardener, is used on fiberglass and greatly increases the resistance of fiberglass against thermal and mechanical factors. This category of epoxy adhesives is resistant to water and high temperature and does not face any rotting problem over time.
Other applications of fiberglass epoxy adhesives in the industry can be mentioned in the manufacture of various types of composites, all types of replicas and the manufacture of drones and aviation replicas and their parts, the automotive industry and the manufacture of unilites. Other unique features of this adhesive They include high tensile strength, high thermal and chemical resistance, excellent adhesion to all types of surfaces and very high wear resistance.

Concrete epoxy glue

Concrete is one of the main materials needed in the construction industry. which gives the most strength to the structure and building and keeps it stable. Despite the advantages and very high strength of concrete, it also contains a series of weaknesses. which has prompted many researchers to solve these problems as quickly as possible. One of the biggest scientific advances in the construction industry is the production of epoxy concrete glue, which stunned everyone and was unbelievable at the beginning.
Concrete adhesive has solved many weaknesses of concrete structure and added many capabilities to concrete structure.
These features include:
The possibility of connecting fresh concrete to old concrete mortars
Creating extremely high tensile strength in concrete
The possibility of applying concrete mortar on the relevant surfaces
In addition to concrete, it has great adhesion on metal, brick, mosaic and stone surfaces
Moisture resistant
Extending the life of concrete and structures
Easy implementation of construction work
These capabilities have caused this type of glue to be used abundantly in the construction industry.

Stone epoxy glue

The industry of structures and construction is one of the industries with daily progress and evolution in the world, and every day there is an urgent need for better and higher quality materials to build better and more beautiful structures in order to solve the existing problems. As explained above, epoxy concrete glue solves many problems in the construction industry and gives more strength to the structure.
Stone is not an exception to this rule and engineers have been able to produce and market special epoxy glue for stone. This glue consists of two components, epoxy and hardener, and does not contain any solvent. It is very resistant to moisture and temperature, and due to its high adhesion, it will not cause the stone to fall over time.
The applications of stone epoxy glue are:
Implementation and installation of stone on the interior and exterior of the building
Installing all kinds of stones on all kinds of metal surfaces including iron, aluminum and steel
Implementation of ceramic tiles on all surfaces
Installation of construction parts on metal, concrete, wood, blocks, etc.
These features and advantages of stone epoxy glue have attracted builders and encouraged them to use this product.

Paste epoxy glue

In the past, there was no other way to prevent the leakage of pipes, tanks and to stop the wear of the body but to replace it. And it usually included expenses that many people could not afford and saw no other way than to stop their work. Paste epoxy glue has not only solved the problems of the past but also the problems of the future, and by using it, you can easily solve big problems.
Paste epoxy glue consists of two components and is very useful. This glue can be widely used on metal, plastic, aluminum, fiber, plaster and wood surfaces. The interesting and desired point is that no factors such as water, cold and heat have any effect on it and it will not cause this glue to fall off over time. One of the other advantages of this glue is that it eats color. which can be applied to the structure after removing the leakage area, which will make the glue not draw attention to the structure.
The main functions of this epoxy adhesive are to fix the abrasion and leakage of water and gas pipes with high and low temperature, prevent the leakage of large and small industrial tanks, cover the damage of thin walls,
and cover the impact of surface scratches. Hem Chen

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