Apparatus adhesive tape

چسب آپارات
Elmatic tape is used to insulate the connection between two cables, joint and repair damaged cables.
This glue is used to make conveyor belts. One of the most widely used types of conveyors is rubber. which must be installed on the chassis to implement it. For this, apparatus glue is used. Apparatus glue is for electric wires. And it is insulated against electricity. This glue is used for insulation, repair and joints.
Another application of the apparatus tape is to seal the pool light cable. This tape is made of snakeskin nylon coating, which can be easily removed before using the main tape. To install the apparatus tape, after wrapping the first round of the apparatus tape on the cable, wrap the second round in half on the first round and continue.
Pull the tape around the cable tightly and completely on the cable. This glue is stretched to several times its length. And cash comes.

Use of adhesive tape

This adhesive is very good in the automotive industry for tire repair and puncture, rubber adhesive to iron and metal, rubber adhesive to fiberglass.
This glue has anti-acid properties. For this reason, it is the best for gluing all kinds of tires together. It is also used as an anti-corrosion coating in oil and gas tanks.

How to mix apparatus glue

Two-part apparatus glue includes liquid glue and hardener, these two components must be completely mixed and combined. Be careful that you have to prepare enough of this mixture at each stage and use it quickly. This glue needs 8 to 24 hours to dry.

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