Single component adhesives

چسب‌های تک جزئی

What are single component adhesives?

Single-component adhesives are among the most widely used and diverse adhesives in the market and have many uses in household, industrial and repair applications.
In these adhesives, as is clear from their name, they have a single structure, which means they do not need to be combined with anything; In these adhesives, the base resin and curing agent (hardener) are mixed together from the beginning.
Due to the existence of many problems in the application of two-component adhesives, the use of single-component adhesives becomes necessary.
In other words, in single-component adhesives, there is no need to mix the curing agent or hardener with another activating substance, and other additives are passively mixed in the formulation. such as heat, moisture, UV rays, etc., it becomes activated and becomes sticky and can be used.
Two-component adhesives have many advantages, but mixing them and preparing the adhesive takes time, and the consumer may also have problems in preparing the final mixture.

Advantages of single component adhesives

No need for measuring equipment and adjusting the mixture ratio
Save time and money
Lower final price
Eliminate waste from unused mixed adhesive and landfill costs
Disadvantages of single component adhesives
Short shelf life
Their storage and transportation should be done with more caution (due to unwanted reactions of glue coagulation before use).

Classification of single component adhesives

1. Solvent adhesives
2. Cyanoacrylate adhesives
3. Anaerobic adhesives

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