What is two-component glue?

چسب دو جزئی

What are two-component adhesives?

Two-component adhesives, which are also known as reactive adhesives, have a special mechanism for drying.
In fact, unlike other glues, which evaporate the solvent with water, they start to stick and dry; These adhesives dry due to the chemical events that occur between the two components, which should be considered that the amount of both components should be equal and mixed with each other, which is a separate discussion.
The main bases that make two-component adhesives are usually epoxy resins or polyurethanes or methyl methacrylates.
This type of glue was high because their strength level is excellent for connections, for example, you can easily use these glues for metals to increase the strength level of your industry; Both unpainted and painted metals.
Or even you can easily use these adhesives for composites and plastics that have glass fibers; You can even use these adhesives for ceramic surfaces.
But in order to use these adhesives, you have to consider a point. In fact, these adhesives have a unique method to be activated and used.
There are many extraordinary features of these adhesives, the most famous of which is that these adhesives dry in a short time and usually do not use solvents, and the strong connection they have on the surfaces, and the high strength they create, and most importantly, they are resistant to chemicals and He pointed out climate and environmental changes.
Two-component adhesives have extraordinary features, the most important of which are drying in a short time and not using a solvent and a strong connection to connect on surfaces. These adhesives have high strength and are resistant to chemicals and weather changes. They have high environmental resistance.
One of the applications of two-component adhesives is to use this adhesive for sealing. In fact, the two-component sealing glue helps to connect and strengthen the surface of cement and plaster. Even these glues can be a good substitute for Izogam.
It is better to know:
But keep in mind that in order to achieve the desired result of two-component adhesives, before using them, you must clean the environment and the surface free of any pollution and do a proper foundation.
In general, maintenance of two-component adhesives is a very sensitive task and you must consider environmental factors.

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