What is fast adhesive?

چسب قطره ای
Instant glue, which is better known as one-two-three glue, is one of the glues that are used in many industries.
Cyanoacrylate is the chemical name of this glue, which was first produced and marketed in 1985. This glue dries quickly and places objects firmly together.
In instant adhesives, pure chemical compounds are used and it is also called drop adhesive.
These adhesives are produced in various brands and have different qualities.
Instant adhesives are produced using polymer compounds and prevent product degradation due to the presence of antioxidants.
These adhesives are very resistant in wet environments and have high resistance to wear and corrosion.
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Types of instant glue

123 glue is one of the excellent and extremely strong glues, which is used for gluing different surfaces such as stone, ceramic, glass, metal, wood, plastic, etc.
As its name suggests, this glue dries within seconds and will not be easily removed from surfaces.
Drop glue comes in small packages and only a few drops of it are enough to firmly stick the surfaces together.
This powerful glue is used in industrial and household applications.
Iron glue is another instant glue that is used for gluing ceramics, iron, metal, wood, plastic, construction materials, pipes, paper and cardboard, leather and fabric, packaging, etc. This glue shows high resistance against acids and bases and is of high quality. A few drops of it are enough to hold things together.

Advantages of using instant glue

One of the most important advantages of instant adhesives is the very high adhesive strength of this product and it can be used to firmly stick objects of different materials together.
Instant glue is resistant to moisture and does not separate from the surface in any way.
Instant adhesives show high resistance to tearing and cutting.
The raw materials and compounds in these adhesives are among the best materials.
The very high resistance of instant adhesives against corrosion and wear can also be included in the list of the top advantages of these adhesives.
Instant adhesives dry quickly and do not take much time. These adhesives are placed on all surfaces. Also, these adhesives have high tensile strength.
Instant adhesives are colorless and do not change the appearance of the equipment.

unique feature

Instant adhesives are produced using the best materials and can stick even the most difficult items together. The drying speed of these adhesives is high and their quality is very impressive. Instant adhesives are very common in wood and cabinet making industries.
These glues dry in a very short time and will save your time. The high wear resistance of instant adhesives cannot be ignored.
The antioxidant present in these adhesives prevents the destruction of goods and the polymer compounds present in these adhesives have increased its quality.
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