The best famous brands of all-purpose glue

برند های چسب همه کاره

Famous brands of all-purpose glue

All-purpose glue is a polyurethane-based glue, and as its name suggests, it is used for most jobs, including general, domestic, and industrial use.
This transparent glue is used for gluing rubber, plastic, leather, paper, fabric, ceramic, glass, foam, wood, sponge, antique stone, etc. materials.
There are various brands of multi-purpose glue in the market. In this article, we will introduce you to the brands available in the multi-purpose glue market and the necessary methods to remove or remove this glue.

Razi multipurpose glue

In large and small sizes

Caspian universal glue

چسب همه کاره استحکام(ESTEHKAM)

PATTEX universal glue

چسب همه کاره پاتکس(PATTEX)
SEPEHR universal glue

چسب همه کاره سپهر(SEPEHR)
CHAFFARI universal glue

چسب همه کاره غفاری(CHAFFARI)
All-purpose glue Sana (SANA)

چسب همه کاره ثنا(SANA)
All-purpose glue (BEL)

چسب همه کاره بل(BEL)
Sina universal glue

چسب همه کاره سینا(SINA)
All-purpose zipper glue (ZIPPER)

چسب همه کاره زیپر(ZIPPER)
چسب همه کاره دلتا(DALTA)

چسب همه کاره دلتا(DALTA)

Maybe you are looking for the strongest all-purpose glue, but the introduction of each of these brands as the best cannot be expressed easily and according to personal opinion, but according to the quality of the glue and the popularity they have among different trades. Said to be a strong all-purpose adhesive.

How to use multipurpose glue

Considering that multi-purpose glue is used for most surfaces, but for better performance, you should pay attention to a few points, before you use the glue, the surface must be cleaned of all miscellaneous things.
You can use a paper towel and a hair dryer to remove water and moisture stains, use a towel dipped in thinner or acetone to remove rust, and use a brush to remove dust and chips from the surface.
When using multi-purpose liquid glue, glue both involved surfaces and wait until it dries. Pay attention that the glue is evenly distributed on the surfaces.
Thirdly, glue one surface first and leave it for a moment on the second one (which is still dry) and then remove it and now glue the second surface homogeneously.
Fourth, a good glue should cover the entire work surface and leave no empty space, at the same time, when you connect two surfaces, no amount of glue should come out. Therefore, the thickness of the glue layer should be as minimal as possible, unfortunately, the best tool for smoothing the glue on the surface: a finger! So, be careful of the chemical properties and smell of colors.

How to remove or remove all-purpose glue

Now we want to address one of the frequently asked questions about multi-purpose glue, and that is, what is the multi-purpose glue used to remove? And introduce the solvents of this glue to you:
To remove all types of glue from different surfaces, you can read the comprehensive article on glue solvent.
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