The best glue gun brands

برند های چسب حرارتی
hot glue (gun)
Hot glue, which is also known as glue gun, is one of the most widely used glues in home and industry. This glue has a solid cylindrical shape that is embedded in a device that works with electric heat, and from where this device resembles It is designed for guns, it is also known as gun glue.
Thermal glue has many uses, including

Some of the applications of thermal glue are:

For all kinds of crafts and gluing pieces of paper and cardboard together
For gluing all kinds of wooden parts, plastic parts, some metal parts and…
As a type of sealant for insulation and sealing
Fastening and also gluing the broken pieces together
To cover surfaces that may be hit, for example as a cupboard door bumper
Gluing plastic parts
Sticking the broken pieces together and their strength
For decorations and artistic and creative works such as ribbon work, flower work, etc.
For replicating and modeling
Bonding materials such as glass, stone, fabric, metal, wood and ceramics
For decorating cups on wedding tables
Preventing carpets, rugs, carpets from sliding and moving
To stick photos, paper and light boards on the wall
Connecting the light strings and LED strips to the wall
Using colored glue gun for art works

And thousands of other applications for which this glue can be useful

Surfaces on which hot glue can be used
paper (types of paper)
Heat-resistant plastics.
Some metals and metal pieces that have small dimensions
Surfaces on which heat glue cannot be used
Silicone surfaces
Some metals

Industrial hot glue brands


glue gun (PARKSAD)

چسب تفنگی پارکساد(PARKSAD)

glue gun (RONIX)

چسب تفنگی رونیکس(RONIX)


glue gun(JANSON)

گلوگان(GLUE GUN)

چسب تفنگی جانسون(JANSON)

glue gun (STORM)

چسب تفنگی استورم (STORM)

glue gun (BRDON)

چسب تفنگی بردون (BRDON)

glue gun (DCT-40W) ( TONGLIAN)

چسب تفنگی تانگ لیان مدل (DCT-40W)

glue gun (THL-80W)( TONGLIAN)

چسب تفنگی تانگ‌ لیان مدل (THL-80W)


One of the common questions that may arise in relation to glue gun for any person who deals with this glue is how to remove the glue gun?
We have comprehensively explained the answer to this question in the article What is the solvent of aquarium glue? You can use the methods mentioned in this article to remove and remove thermal glue from different surfaces.

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