How to remove aquarium silicone glue from the carpet?

پاک کردن چسب آز روی فرش

How to remove aquarium silicone glue from the carpet

Today, carpets are known as one of the oldest and most popular floor coverings in the world, and they have a great impact on the beauty and appearance of houses, but in the conditions and with various materials and pollution, the carpet can be dirty and stained, which can detract from the beauty of the carpet and the beauty of the house. slow and have an inappropriate appearance.
One of the types of stains that can make carpets look ugly is the spilling of adhesives on it.
Considering that, unlike many stains, cleaning glue is not an easy task and it is not easily removed with a tissue, but it is possible to remove these stains.
In this article, we will introduce you to methods for removing aquarium glue and other types of glue from carpets and rugs.

1) Using water, soap and dishwashing liquid

One of the easiest ways to clean glue stains from carpets is to use a solution of water, soap and dishwashing liquid.
Because these three materials are always available and can be the fastest and easiest method. First, reduce the thickness of the spilled glue with a sharp object, and then after combining this solution, take a clean towel or sponge and place it on the stain and remove after a little pressure.
Repeat this until you are sure that the stain has been removed.

پاک کردن چسب از روی فرش

2) Using an iron

The most widely used method to remove glue stains is to use an iron.
In this method, first set the iron to a suitable temperature that will not damage the carpet and then place the cotton cloth on the glue stain and do this until the stain is completely transferred to the cotton cloth and the stain disappears. , continue.

پاک کردن چسب از روی فرش

Do not use plastic cloths for this because it makes the stain worse.

3) Using ice and freezing the stain

In this method, several pieces of ice are used, and after the ice is placed on the glue, the glue is frozen and easily removed. Of course, to separate the frozen ice, tools must be used that do not damage the fibers and texture of the carpet.

پاک کردن چسب از روی فرش

4) Using white vinegar

Using vinegar is another practical method to remove glue stains from the carpet.
To start this method, first scrape the glue stain with a sharp object, be careful not to do this too much so as not to damage the texture of the carpet, and then pour some vinegar on the cloth and rub the cloth on the stain for a minute.
After the stain is completely wet, place a cloth containing vinegar on it for 15 minutes.
In addition, you can combine water and vinegar and allow a day to pass until the time of use.
If the stain is larger than usual, you must use distilled vinegar or white vinegar and test it on a part of the carpet beforehand.
Vinegar, with its properties, causes the glue to peel off quickly, but it should be noted that it cannot be used for any type of glue with any type of surface.

پاک کردن چسب از روی فرش

5) Use of acetone

Using acetone is one of the methods used to remove glue from most fabrics and fibers.
This chemical is also effective in removing glue stains from the carpet, just test it first before using it on any surface and make sure that it does not damage the surface.
To use it on the carpet stain, first pour a few drops of it on the stain and then rub the stain with a wet cotton cloth until the glue stain completely disappears from the carpet.

6) Using glue solvent

If you use a lot of glue or you have children at home and your carpet or rug is always prone to getting dirty with glue stains, you can prepare the glue solvent and always have it in your home.
Glue solvent is a substance based on water, ethanol, methanol and acetone that has the ability to dissolve a certain type of glue.
Important tips for removing glue from the carpet
A few points that you should pay attention to in order to achieve your desired result and not cause any problems for you:
The most important thing is that the adhesives should not be allowed to dry completely and should be cleaned immediately, because if the adhesive stain gets old, it can cause the carpet to become dull and change its color, and even if the stain is completely cleaned, It remains.
You should avoid cutting the glue spot into pieces and if possible, remove it completely from the carpet, because in this case, the carpet fibers will not be damaged.
Every material and solution is used to clean the glue stain. First, its effect on the fibers and texture of the carpet should be checked.
If necessary, you can cut the glued part from the carpet. Do this using a razor or sandpaper.
If a person does not have the necessary knowledge and expertise to remove carpet stains, especially expensive carpets, he should use carpet cleaning services and leave the carpet cleaning to them.
If you use acetone or thinner to remove the glue, be sure to leave the windows open.
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