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Usually, there are many types of glue in hardware stores. This is confusing for the consumer. We should be more careful when buying. Because one type of glue is not suitable for all jobs. Choosing the wrong glue will ruin the work and we will not be able to successfully glue the desired parts to each other. In the rest of this article, stay with us to examine and evaluate the types of glue.

All-purpose glue

All-purpose glue is a familiar name that can be said to have been used by everyone. This polymer glue that is mixed in Eton or thinner and after mixing with glue solvent is separated from the polymer and finally makes a hard material. Also, the use of this glue has limitations. For example, this glue cannot be used on foam parts because it causes corrosion and destroys the foam due to its petroleum solvent. All-purpose glue with moderate strength and speed is a good option for doing things.

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Glue gun or thermal

These types of adhesives have a plastic body. The glue is placed in this chamber and then the body of this glue is melted with the electric element and it comes out from the fuzzy head of the device.
Note: When using glue gun, be careful of the hot outlet of your glue gun.

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Glue stick

Bradar wood glue is a yellow liquid glue. This glue has a low price and high strength. Normal wood glue is used for indoor environments, and for open environments such as terraces, some kind of properties should be used.

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Drip tape

This type of glue is very suitable for gluing small holes and glass. such as (stone, glass, plastic and some metals)
This glue is colorless, which is considered one of its advantages, because it does not leave streaks on the work after use.
Note: Be careful of contact with the skin of your hand when using drop glue.

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Glue one two three

The drying speed of this type of glue is very high and it connects two surfaces very smoothly. The function of this glue is very similar to drop glue. This glue has two parts and includes glue and drying spray. The correct way to use this glue is to first coat the surface with glue and then apply the spray on it and immediately stick the two pieces together.

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Iron glue

As the name implies, iron glue is used to glue metal parts together. In some cases, this glue is also used for plastic items, carpets and rugs. To use this glue, use a brush and apply the amount of glue flat on the work piece. Use two layers of glue for better and stronger adhesion.

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