How to remove aquarium silicone glue from the wall?

پاک کردن چسب از روی دیوار

Remove the glue from the wall

Glue stains that remain after removing wallpaper or any other object from the wall can spoil the beauty of your wall and it may be difficult to remove these stains.
But don’t worry about solving this problem. You can easily solve this problem by using some household solvents.
In this article, we will answer your question about how to remove glue from the wall.

Use of acetone

As the first solvent, acetone can separate the adhesive tissues and the adhesive can be easily removed from the wall surface.
Considering how resistant the glue stains are, you can use different acetones. Homemade acetones or nail polish removers are suitable for removing small stains and have no effect on strong stains.

Use vinegar

Another one of the biggest household solvents is vinegar, which can be a good option for removing glue stains from the wall.

to heat

If your adhesive stains are not old and are newly created on your wall, you can use the heating method on the stain.
Hold the paper or a towel on the glue. Heat the iron and press gently until the glue melts. Do not press the iron too much because it makes the glue stick to the wall more.


Note that the iron is without steam and don’t just focus on one spot. Spread the heat of the iron in a circle over the entire surface of the glue spot.
If you wish, you can use a hair dryer on high heat instead of an iron. Keep the hair dryer at a distance of 2-3 cm from the paper.
As the glue soaks into the paper or towel, roll it over to a clean area to absorb more.

Using baking soda with warm water and soap

In a bucket, mix some hot water with dishwashing liquid and a tablespoon of baking soda. For very strong adhesives, add some vinegar to the solution. Then dip the sponge in the material and press well to remove the excess amount and apply it on a small part of the adhesives on the wall.
After doing this step, test the glue on the wall with your fingers. The glue should have softened considerably.
Try to wipe the wall stickers with a tissue. By doing this, a large part of it will be separated. You can use a spatula to remove the sticky parts
Use a clean cloth to clean the wall from the mixture in circular motions and then move on to the next part. Do this process three times. After the walls are completely finished, allow the wall to dry completely.


In cases where the adhesive stains are for wallpaper, before you seriously start working on the wallpaper, remove all the furniture and decorations in the room, and if you can’t remove everything, cover it with thick plastic.
To clean with a cloth, do not wet the cloth, otherwise you will damage the wallpaper or drywall.
When using a spatula or a sharp object, do it slowly and at an appropriate angle so as not to damage the wall.
Always test the method in an inconspicuous spot before you clean your walls to avoid damaging the wall and make sure the wall color is stable.
To answer your questions about aquarium glue and all other glues, you can use the articles on the Persia site.

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