How to remove aquarium silicone glue from the glass?

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How to remove aquarium silicone glue from the glass

Due to its high resistance to water, aquarium glue is widely used for sealing glass, including aquarium, car, ceramic glass, and even for cabinets and kitchen walls.
This good feature can sometimes be a problem, that is when while working with this glue, some of it is spilled on the surfaces and you try to remove it, or for any reason you regret using the glue on the surface. Be and want to remove the glue from the surface and return everything to the original state.
If you are the type of person who deals with aquarium glue a lot, you may find articles on removing glue from various surfaces useful. You can visit Persia’s website to access these articles.
In this article, we introduce you to the most available methods for removing glue from glass.

remove aquarium silicone glue

1- Using hot water and soap

Using soap and water is one of the easiest possible ways to remove aquarium glue from the glass. Soap and water will help dissolve the glue and peel it off the glass.
In this method, if possible, soak the glass in hot water and soap. Soaking for 10 to 30 minutes is suitable and can loosen the glue and easily remove it by hand, and if your glass cannot be moved or is too big, you want to immerse the glass in water (for example, for stickers). on the car glass) you can slowly pour the solution of hot water and soap on the glass.
Continue doing this as long as you can until the glue loosens and peels off, and then mark the desired area with a cloth or sponge.

2-Using baking soda and oil

Baking soda is one of the universal cleaners and can dissolve dirt and grease. Adding oil to baking soda makes it easier to use.
You can use oil such as olive oil, canola oil and vegetable oil.
For this purpose, mix equal amounts of baking soda and cooking oil and pour it on the desired surface, then rub the surface with an unused napkin until the traces of glue are completely removed from the surface.

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3- Use of heat

Heat loosens the adhesive tissue, and heating can be the most effective way to remove the adhesive from the glass.
You can use a hair dryer for this. Put the hair dryer on high heat and hold it on the surface of the glue for 1-2 minutes, and after making sure that the glue is completely loosened, quickly clean the surface with a tissue before the glue cools down again.
The second method for heating is to use direct sunlight. This method may be time-consuming.
Place the jar in the sun for a few hours. In this method, wipe the surface quickly so that it does not get a chance to harden and stick to the glass again.
If your desired surface is the car glass, park the car in front of the sun for 2-3 hours on a very sunny day.

4- Use of alcohol

For times when it is not possible to wet the glass, using alcohol can be a suitable method.
Apply some alcohol to cloth or cotton. Be aware that alcohol is flammable and should not be used near gas or very hot places. Also, use it in a place with good air circulation.
Rub the surface of the glue with alcohol. By rubbing alcohol once, the glue may come off or it may be necessary to repeat this task several times.

5-Using WD-40 lubricant spray

WD-40 spray lubricant is a powerful solvent that can dissolve glue. Apply WD-40 spray on the tissue and drag the tissue over the adhesive surface. The glue can be removed by rubbing a tissue. For strong adhesives, you may find it necessary to use a dull knife or razor blade to remove the adhesive. Note that you should do this carefully so as not to damage your hands or the glass.
Avoid spraying directly on the label and its contact with the glass, and be sure to wear gloves.


Cover hands and surfaces that may be damaged.
WD-40 lubricant spray is a strong chemical solution. Therefore, be careful not to spray on yourself, the cloth, or even the corroded glass itself.
You can also use kitchen degreaser instead of WD-40 lubricant spray.

6-Using acetone

Rub the area with an acetone-soaked towel or use a brush to make sure all the silicone is removed.
As the use of nail polish remover or acetone is effective for removing glue from all kinds of surfaces, it may also have a good effect in this case.

remove aquarium silicone glue

7-Using a cleaner

You may have to wash strong and very sticky adhesives with soap, oil and any other cleaners to remove them.

important points

1- Mayonnaise or peanut butter may also destroy the glue.
2- You can use vinegar to remove the remaining glue.
3- To use any type of chemicals or glue solvent, be sure to test before use so that the surface is not damaged and wash your hands after use.
4- Be careful with your hands and surface when using sharp objects.
5- When using heat for the surface, pay attention to adjust the heat so that the glass does not crack.

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